This course is intended for students who wish to learn, understand, create technologies or tools or write documents, so as to better comprehend how could an individual or a group play key role in language and script revitalization as well as preservation. The students will get a chance to learn about various scripts (or shapes) systems on how they work at an overarching principle level, familiarise them to the Unicode processes and writing proposal document, how to inculcate internationalization, localization and accessibility during product creation as well as incorporating CARE and FAIR principles in their work ethos, how to avail Scrum methodology for better productivity during their projects and finally the current work being done in language conservation and script preservation.


Mondays, 10:00 - 11:30 from 08.04.2024 to 15.07.2024

106 Seminarraum S23 (44 Sitzpl.) (106/02/2.05)

Submission / Studienleistung (required):

1. Submission of font or keyboard of a writing system or script (or shapes) that is not familiar to you (end of Week 6)
2. Active participation in group discussion of language and script preservation (during Week 12)
Project presentation/demonstration or writing a proposal document with a tool made from the template (Week 15 / Week 16)

Practical Course

Week Dates Content Material
Week 1 Mo. Apr 1 - Fr. Apr 5 (Ostermontag Apr 1) No session due to holiday

Week 2

Mo. Apr 8 - Fr. Apr 12 Introductions, expectations and graphical information systems knowledge PDF

Week 3

Mo. Apr 15 - Fr. Apr 19 Font generation principles, tools and process
  • students create their own font

Week 4

Mo. Apr 22 - Fr. Apr 26 Keyboard generation principles, tools and process
  • students create their own keyboard

Week 5

Mo. Apr 29 - Fr. May 2

Familiarise with Unicode and how to contribute

  • programming with Unicode
  • topics of the Project review

Week 6

Mo. May 6 - Fr. May 10 Guides for Software (i18n, a11y, l10n), CARE & FAIR principles, Coding practices and Scrum methodology
  • putting SCRUM to action
  • finalise topics for individual or group Project for Week 15/16

Week 7

Mo. May 13 - Fr. May 17

Case Study of a Script (Oduduwa)

  • Students prepare Paper prototype for project
  • plan topics for group discussion/presentation for Week 12
  • Scrum: bi-weekly project plan

Week 8

Mo. May 20 - Fr. May 24 (Pflingstenwoche) No session due to holiday

Week 9

Mo. May 27 - Fr. May 31

Script loss - the why, how & where writing dies

  • Hands-on experience in digital preservation
  • Scrum : bi-weekly review and refine

Week 10

Mo. Jun 3 - Fr. Jun 7

Current Work in Script preservation and Language conservation

  • Group discussion/presentation review and refine

Week 11

Mo. Jun 10 - Fr. Jun 14 Case Study of a Script (Sancha)
  • Scrum : bi-weekly review and refine

Week 12

Mo. Jun 17 - Fr. Jun 21

Discussion / Presentation in groups about topics

Week 13

Mo. Jun 24 - Fr. Jun 28 Calligraphy, Cryptography and Beyond Language
  • Scrum : bi-weekly review and refine

Week 14

Mo. Jul 1 - Fr. Jul 5 Case Study of a Writing System (Japanese) / Guest Speaker (?)
  • Uniqueness of scripts and languages

Week 15

Mo. Jul 8 - Fr. Jul 12 Project Submission | Studienleistung

Week 16

Mo. Jul 15 - Fr. Jul 19 Project Submission | Studienleistung


Presentations / Demos


Klips 2.0