Woche 1

Woche 2


1. CRM

You should either read pages i-xxiii from:

Definition of the CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. Version 6.2.3, May 2018. Available online from:

or pages 7-39 from:

Definition des CIDOC Conceptual Reference Model. Version 5.0.1, autorisiert durch die CIDOC CRM Special Interest Group (SIG). ICOM Deutschland, 2010.
Available online from:

2. UML

Balzert, Heide. Lehrbuch der Objektmodellierung : Analyse und Entwurf mit der UML 2. 2.Aufl. München : Elsevier, Spektrum, Akad. Verl., 2005.
Ch. 1–4 (pp. 1-216)

3. Modelling in digtial humanities

McCarty, W. (2005). Humanities computing. Palgrave Macmillan, Basingstoke. Chapter 1: Modelling, pp 20–72. In Ilias.

Ciula, A. and Eide, Ø. (2017). Modelling in digital humanities: Signs in context. In Digital Scholarship in the Humanities, 32.suppl 1: i33–i46.