Semester planning

  • November 29: no class
  • December 20. Normal class—the visit to the VR Cave is cancelled due to illness.
  • January 10. Visit to the VR Cave. Meeting point at 12:00: Outside building 137: Serverhalle RRZK, Gyrhofstr. 17a, 50931 Cologne.
  • January 17. Visit from Peter Bickhofe, who has worked culturally and commercially with VR for many years.
  • January 24: Student presentation: three group. Details in Ilias. Lecture: Media modalities.
  • January 31: Student presentations: three groups. Details in Ilias. Summing up.



Ellström, L. (2021). The modalities of media II: An Expanded Model for Understanding Intermedial Relations. Beyond Media Borders, Volume 1 : Intermedial Relations among Multimodal Media. L. Elleström. Cham, Palgrave: 3–91.

Eide, Ø. and Z. Schubert (2021). Seeing the Landscape Through Textual and Graphical Media Products. Beyond Media Borders, Volume 2 : Intermedial Relations among Multimodal Media. L. Elleström. Cham, Palgrave: 175–209.


Group presentations January 24 and 31. The groups will be the same as in the AM3a Übung.

Each group make a 5-10 minute presentation on one of these topics:

  1. How does the VR system you are developing relate to the source text you base it on? Give some examples of how you interpret specific passages in your VR system.
  2. Explain your project in the light of Elleström’s concept of media transformations, pointing out how it relates to the concept pair ”media representation” — ”transmediation”.
  3. Present your project based on the distinction between time based and space based media/art forms. Discuss how appropriate such a distinction is for VR systems.

If you need Studienleistung without taking part in the AM3a Übung, please contact Prof. Eide.


Deadline: March 15. Connected to the Übung Media Transformation – Interaktives Erzählen in VR.